How to Deal with Dog or Cat Ear Problems


Ear-related infections are some of the top reported issue faced by a majority of the pet owners. Maybe you have seen your dog or cat shake its head or scratch its ears or even rub them against ground or furniture. In most cases, if they are not well taken care of, you will even tend to avoid it because of the foul smell, discharge in their ears which are usually black, yellowish or brown in color. Upon looking at them closely, you will also discover that their ears are red and tender. If you have seen either of these, then know that these are all signs of ear infections in your treasured pets.

Cat's or dog's ear is L-shaped. This shape causes moisture, dirt, parasites, ear mites in cats and wax to be easily trapped in the canal leading to various ear infections. In fact, dogs which have long and floppy ears tend to be more prone to ear related problems primarily because of insufficient air circulation in the canal. This tells you that if your pet is long haired and floppy eared, ensure that its hair is trimmed on the inside of the ear so as to increase air circulation.

In case you are looking for a conventional treatment for most of these infections, antibiotic and anti-fungal medications are most suitable. These types of treatments just treat the symptoms and not the underlying cause. To adequately conquer the problem, both the symptoms as well as the cause should be addressed. Avoid improper medications because in most cases, they will just mask the problem and may even lead to a chemical imbalance in the ear which may result in long-term health issues.

More that 80% of the ear infections are caused by allergies with ear infections in dogs and related problems being one of the symptoms. In such a case, you have to adequately treat the allergy, the underlying cause and the ear infection for a long-term ear treatment.

How do you treat this? This could be the daunting question which nags most of the pet owners. You have to ensure that the pet's ears are clean. Ensure that you are using right oils for washing your adorable pet. They should environmental friendly and able to deal adequately with the termites. In such a case, you should also have skills on how to handle these treatments so as to avoid misuse. Know more about dog ear infection in .